HPTCG Revival

Welcome returning and new players! Learn all about rules changes, decklists, how to join the community, and online or in-person events.

PAX Unplugged 2019 events are live!
Please join us this year December 6–8 in Philadelphia.

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PAX Unplugged 2019

Below is a list of the live events that we will be hosting at PAX Unplugged this year. For more detailed information click the sign up button. We look forward to seeing everyone again and seeing what new innovations people bring.

Beginner Tournament

Fri. Dec. 6th @ 3pm
Registration starts @ 9am on Friday morning in Classic Cardboard (Room 126). Decks and materials are provided.
◆ Classic Tournament Rules
◆ Swiss Structure
◆ Best of 1 Rounds
◆ No Sideboard Allowed
◆ No Cards Banned

Event Info

Tri-Wizard Championship

Sat. Dec. 7th @ 2pm
Online pre-registration will be available via the PAX app beginning on November 15th.
◆ Constructed Tournament Rules
◆ Swiss Structure
◆ Best of 3 Rounds
◆ 10 Card Sideboard Allowed
◆ No Cards Banned

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Cube Draft

Sun. Dec. 8th @ 1pm
Casual limited tournament. Draft from one of two premade cube sets. Two 8-player drafts will play 3 rounds then cut to top 4 single elimination.
◆ Tournament Rules
◆ Swiss Structure
◆ Best of 3 Rounds
◆ Cube List

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Learn to Play

Fri. Dec. 6th @ 2pm and
Sun. Dec. 8th @ 12pm
Interested in learning to play HPTCGcy? All materials will be provided.

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Join the Community!

Become part of the growing Harry Potter TCG Revival community. Become part of our growing Discord or Facebook group to find local players, talk strategy, online play, and hear news and announcements.


Discuss Harry Potter TCG and take part in online tournaments.

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The official Harry Potter TCG Revival Facebook group.

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Wondering where to start when building your first deck? Take a look at decklists from previous years' World Championship held every year at Gen Con in Indianapolis. When you're done browsing, join the community on both the Discord or Facebook group to share ideas on deck construction and strategy.

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Cube drafting is one of the greatest formats to explore underutilized cards, card interactions, deck construction strategies, and playing the most powerful cards in the game together.

Take a look at the official cube list to see what's been created for Gen Con tournaments and use this as a jumping off point to create your own to play at home!

Cube Rules

Game Rules

With Harry Potter TCG being released nearly 20 years ago, the game was never explored deeply in competitive setting. This means changes needed to be put in place.

HPTCG Revival rule changes include; 10 card sideboards, a mulligan rule, and best of 3 games. These are just a few changes we've made to the game, so please explore them before joining in a HPTCG Revival sanctioned event.

Game Rules