For 2019, we will run a double-cube event; two 8-person cube drafts. The top two players from each draft will have play a single elimation top 4 playoff. Read the rules below and sign up for the event!

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Cube Rules

Cube Draft encompasses the most enjoyable aspects of drafting and playing the game with friends. For this format, a prepared "cube"—specifically selected set of 360 different cards—is created. Then makeshift booster packs of 15 randomly selected cards from the cube are built and then run as a regular 8 person booster draft or 4 person sealed.

The biggest change is in how you will draft your starting witch or wizard. Though it’s not necessary, you will be able to draft a starting witch or wizard within your booster packs. I’ve also been experimenting with different deck sizes. Minimum deck size of 40 felt too small, so there is the possibility of drafting 45 or up even up to 50 card minimum decks. Below is a list of each card broken down by type and set that it appeared in.

Cube Breakdown

360 Cards: 60 Transfiguration, 60 Quidditch, 60 Care of Magical Creatures, 60 Potions, 60 Charms, 30 Adventures, and 30 Characters.

Cube List Updated Soon